Candy Crush Saga Level 599

How to pass level 599 Candy Crush Saga
You have to make 20 stripes in 40 moves, not too much of a problem since you already have 4 on the board frozen in ice,
You will need to unfreeze at least one of them fairly quickly to get the candies dropping in the top half of the board..
Working in the bottom half will release licorice which will hamper your efforts to make stripes..
A colour bomb/stripe combo will go a long way to collecting the stripes you need.
Video below


Bill. said...

Need chocolate boom and striped candy then straightforward.

dirty vegas said...

This level requires a chocolate bomb and stripped candy ,concentrate on making the bomb and wrap , without these your going no where , a chocolate bomb is very hard to make in this level ,I should know been trying now for hours with no luck ... just a matter of time ,good luck and happy crushing .

Anonymous said...

If you are having trouble and if you have a sprinkle color ball from the daily free wheel spin....use it and combine it with a stripe. Much easier. Stripes not hard to make. I had trouble making sprinkle color balls. This helped me.

Sue C. said...

I just can't get the hang of this level. What kind of stripe detonates the licorice crosses up the top? Not all stripes that hit it break the licorice. Any tips? Do they have to be only the frozen stripes to break it?

Anonymous said...

Thanku for the comment re the sprinkle color ball won at the daily free spin, woo hoo, it worked, 18 moves left and three stars, finally, yippee