Candy Crush Saga Level 639

Tips to get three stars on level 639 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 2 wrapped candies, 2 striped candies and 2 colour bombs.
Doesn't sound too difficult if you say it quickly!
But with the center of the board blocked by cream blockers with a cake in the middle your moves at the start are very restricted.
On top of this there are bombs and licorice falling from the dispensres at the top...All in all a frustrating level to start with.
With only 30 moves a really good start is needed.
Don't worry about the cake, just try to make your orders as soon as possible. At some stage the cake will be destroyed but it isn't necessary to complete the orders.
If you have the last orders on the board but have a lot of moves left see if you can make another colour bomb before you finish, it'll give you good points at the end, although level 639 has a stripe bonus finish so a lot of moves left is also good.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Concentrate on one side of the cake to increase the chances of getting the combinations.

Anonymous said...

I have been stuck on this for a couple of days and haven't once managed to clear the centre. It seems to be a level where there is frequently only 1 move available. I await the lucky board.

Donna said...

Could not get close on iPhone, but got it first time on PC.

Anonymous said...

Got within 10 tries. Second time I broke cake made it easy for combos and got it out. As soon as u get one bomb set it off and the next one is easy. Got lots of wraps too..

Anonymous said...

Wait for that perfect board. Play one side of it

Anonymous said...

Stupid level where you have to wait for a lucky board. Boring !!!!