Candy Crush Saga Level 640

Tips for 3 stars on level 640 Candy Crush Saga.
You need 5 stripe/stripe combos to complete level 640.
As soon as you unlock the locked candies you will have chocolate to contend with at the bottom.
Concentrate only on making stripes, avoid wraps if possible but colour bombs are useful to get the higher points and also to make it easier to get the stripes you need.
Keep the chocolate under control but if you're getting the combos it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Took about 29 attempts, avoid wraps need to be careful not to explode stripes when making moves. Chocolate no problem.

cvbcb said...

Got this and the previous level on the first try. It was weird how the stripe combos kept presenting themselves.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying this for ages and no luck at all, when you almost get a 2 stripe combo set up it cascades and you lose it. Another of those horribly frustrating levels that make you want to quit. Here's hoping for a lucky board before the boredom sets in :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that this level is horrible. I play to relieve stress, not to make me stressed! This one has made me seriously consider quitting the Candy Crush game. Every time I can manage to get two stripes, they cascade and explode each other. Frustrating enough that I am posting my first comment here!!