Candy Crush Saga Level 653

Tips for level 653 Candy Crush Saga
You are provided with some stripes to help you clear the chocolate and jelly, they are frozen in ice, but the problem is as soon as you uncover one it will be eaten by chocolate!
They are useful if you can use thm, but level 653 can be done without them.
When you clear the chocolate in the bottom row your candies will fall into it and be eaten by the chocolate, but in the sides no more candies can fall because the stripe at the top and the chocolate is blocking candies from entering.
The only way to clear this level is with combos... Stripe/wrap or colour bomb/stripe combos..
Medium difficulty.
Video below

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Bill. said...

With only four colours plenty of combinations available, needed two cocolate bombs good fun level.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. I got it with 22 moves to spare but played umteen times to get that board. Frustrating because the pieces are so twitchy, they explode before you can combine them.

Kittymama said...

You really do just need a lucky board on this one. After about 10 tries I finally got a stripe/wrap combo right at the beginning and beat it with 19 moves left.