Candy Crush Saga Level 654

Tips for level 654 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 5 colour bombs and 20 stripes in 40 moves.
The board is divided into quarters by locked candies, at least some of which have to be unlocked to get the board opened for making the required orders.
There are 2 cakes surrounded by conveyors, the top one goes around in a clockwise direction and the bottom one goes anti clockwise.
Once you have unlocked some of the locked candies work on getting rid of the cakes, but don't forget to check for your specials before every move.
The stripes are fairly easy and will probably make themselves as you are working on making the colour bombs.
Once you get the first colour bomb use it on a single colour, which will make the next one easier.
Keep your eyes on what's coming around on the conveyors as they often line up candies that you wouldn't otherwise be able to match.
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Bill. said...

Clear the cakes then chocolate bombs come along took five attempts.

eble said...

When I failed this level for the first time I just knew I'd be stuck on it for at least a week. It's one of those super infuriating levels that everyone hates. But on my third attempt when one of the cakes cleared, it made two color bombs when everything dropped down. A few moves later another color bomb showed up just by chance. So then I needed to create two more on my own. It took me until six moves left to create the last color bomb and I ended the level with five moves left. Luckiest board ever and I was so scared that last bomb would never come.

I can't think of any strategy for this level so just have patience and hope for a lucky board, I guess. :/

Ultramum said...

Anyone noticed that when the cake explodes then any stripes wiped out count towards your total but colour bombs don't ... On 20th game now ... Very annoying level as far as I am concerned :-(

Anonymous said...

The whole time I have been playing this game up until now, I find that if i just take my mouse and shoot in the dark I will not get anywhere and be stuck on a level for weeks and even months... but I have never commented... and choose to ignore most of the negative comments on these boards... the tips on the main page of the levels are great by the way ... but if you folks posting negative comments, get over it... take your time, plan your moves out... and do not be stuck on levels that you say take you days and weeks... I passed this level with very little effort... and still had two chocolate bombs flashing when i finished... I am not any more strategically inclined than anyone else... If I can do it, you certainly can...

christilulu said...

On Samsung Galaxy 5. It says I need 80 stripes. Ummm...Please fix!