Candy Crush Saga Level 667

Tips for level 667 Candy Crush Saga.
The bombs are a priority on level 667, if you can't Adestroy them it's game over in 10 moves.
Any move that clears cream is helpful, but if you can get the bombs to fall out of the bottom they're much easier to deal with.
Once the bombs are gome continue to clear cream and jelly, all the time try to make colour bombs and wraps to get a good score.
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Unique goods said...

i already finished this level
Now, 668
Keep Spirit

Bill. said...

The difficult part is to clear both bombs then fairly straightforward with plenty of moves available.

Anonymous said...

This one is harder than 664.

Anonymous said...

Got it the first time I got past the initial 10 moves, which took me about 40 tries. Luck of the board whether you can get the two bombs out and destroyed in time to continue.

Anonymous said...

WOW super super boring level. Arrived at this level with 5 lives intact, 5 minutes later all lives gone and I never got close to extinguishing any of the bombs. What's the point of making a level so difficult and yet over so quickly?

boring and no fun this level

Anonymous said...

The web version gives you 40 moves while the ipad version only 35????

Anonymous said...

Are you playing on mobile? If you are, keep restarting till you get a favourable board. As for it being difficult, perhaps it's because it is level 667?

Anonymous said...

This is my least favorite type of level. I wouldn't call it "difficult" because that would imply that some sort of talent could be applied. It's just frustrating...there are generally no options for moves, you just have to take the one move available and hope you have a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

Took about 10 games before I got lucky. Made a colour bomb and both bombs were the same colour as well. Able to take them both out but even then you have to careful with falling bombs. I felt I got lucky - I didn't go close until this.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Took me a while, usually couldn't get past first base and the bombs got me after 10 moves.

It is a bit frustrating as initially, you have limited moves, not a lot of skill involved.

You just have to pray sometimes for a reshuffle in your favour!

Once the first 2 bombs are destroyed though, the following bombs are easier to deal with as the board opens up.

I confess. I was playing, trying to decide what booster could give me a chance to get past the first bit when I found I did it by myself and was down to one jelly left, on my last move. No way to destroy it.
Hmm... to just give in and try again... or use a lollipop hammer.

I went for the lollipop hammer as it isn't every day you get past the first 2 bombs and get to really play it and I am ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

I used a chocolate sprinkle and kept restarting the board until both bombs were the same color. Took out both bombs on the second move. From there clearing the jellies are easy using combos. Beat it on the first try with 3 stars and 297,000 points.

Anonymous said...

Work on the bottom squares to make the bombs drop. Then if you can get them you have a good shot at finishing off the jelly. Bombs will continue to drop throughout the game, but they are much easier to destroy.