Candy Crush Saga Level 668

Tips for level 668 Candy Crush Saga
You won't pass level 668 without some fairly heavy duty combos!
Stripe/wrap, colour bomb/stripe and colour bomb/ wrap.
You only get 30 moves, which isn't a lot to clear the 4 hit cream with jelly underneath.
There are 2 wraps already on the board so try to ust them with another special for maximum effect.
Video below

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Bill. said...

Fairly straightforward but need some help with combinations. Clear the bricks then combinations. Thank goodness no bombs.

Ultramum said...

Getting nowhere at the moment ... Board is forever shuffling after every move ... Hard to plan ahead :-(

Anonymous said...

I had two wrap wrap combos, easy after that

MichelleDV said...

Tricky - use your moves wisely