Candy Crush Saga Level 675

Tips for level 675 Candy Crush Saga
This is a simple jelly level with multi hit cream blockers covering the jelly.
Just concentrate on making the most powerful combos you can.
Colour bomb/wrap or stripe work well or stripe/wrap combos.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

Hello there, I do not see Level 677 done here! Nasty one though. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Concentrate on clearing a path through the middle to join the top and bottom sections, more chance of cascade explosions helping out then.

Need plenty of powerful combinations to clear both sides. I cleared this level, but it took;

2 stripped and wrapped combinations (well placed in the middle to cause good side wall damage),
1 chocolate bomb match against a second chocolate bomb,


2 chocolate bombs with stripped candies, than then I only cleared it on the last move....

But its not a boring level, so have fun trying...

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

It took 2 attempts but this is a fun level. It gives you lots of combos or chances to make them, and there are no bombs or chocolate to worry about.

And even when you don't get through, you get close enough to feel it will be do-able.

Combos will get you there.

Bill. said...

Third attempt keep at the bricks then usual combinations.

Anonymous said...

3 stars, first try, 108964367 points. So what, who cares!!!! Just leave tips please and stop bragging.