Candy Crush Saga Level 676

Tips for level 676 Candy Crush Saga
Level 676 can be a bit difficult to get started and you may get a few shuffles.
Try to get rid of the chocolate before it takes ove, a strip/wrap combo will take care of it.
The difficult jellies are the corners, right and left under the cream, so don't miss any opportunity to hit them.
The fish can be useful for those jellies too if you can save them long enough.
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Anonymous said...

What about 677. When I try to view it, it skips from 676 to 678. Sure could use some help, 677 seems impossible!

Victoria Warren said...

Key level 677 Candy Crush in your browser. Then select all help option.

Bill. said...

First attempt no bombs or chocolate so just use combinations.

Jodi said...

I have gotten to level 676 but it won't let me see it, what's up with that??