Candy Crush Saga Level 684

Tips for level 684 Candy Crush Saga
Don't unlock the locked candies until you have got rid of most, if not all, of the chocolate on the right side of the board.
Sideways stripes and stripe/wrap combos will clear the chocolate from under the locked row.
Once you have a clear space under the locked candies unlock them using either a stripe, colour bomb etc. Or just match them if there is a match available.
Then it's just a question of working to move the candies down the right side and out of the exits.
There are only 2 nuts to get down so once you have a clear board it shouldn't be too difficult to get them out of the exits.
Video below.
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2nd video by Jazz, no boosters.


Bill. said...

Clear the chocolate and avoid fruit dropping out into outside columns or you will have to move it sideways. Took only a few attempts.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Three stars no boosters first try ... Hmmm must be another dead easy level because I'm no ace :P ... On the timed level got one star and didn't try for more: hate those!

Anonymous said...

Took about 4 goes - easy enough

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

I wasn't finding it easy.
Obviously horizontal stripes or any combo is the go, to wipe out the chocolate before you tackle the RHS.

Biggest trap is to get a cherry in an outside column. Don't let that happen if you can help it as it will get stuck, there is no exit at the bottom & you'll have to move it over.

They are the logical rules but I got through a different way. A striped candy accidentally exploded, clearing all the barred barrier and exposing me to all the intact chocolate.
Game over, I thought, but there was one move that wiped out one chocolate, then another, then a combo, then a colour ball fell next to a stripe and wham, I was suddenly finished with 23 spare turns.

So maybe it is an easy level eventually... but not all the time!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently this is where I quit because there are no pools at the bottom of my game board for the fruit or anything to pass through to go to the other side. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I have no pools at the bottom of my game board either. So this renders the level impossible.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair if you don't see the transports at the bottom! The first time I tried, my ingredients ended up on the right side and I tried everything to make them move, to no avail. I went back and tried again after I read these comments, and even though I couldn't see the ports, they must be there, because the cherries moved right through the bottom three columns, across to the right, and out on the very next try.


haganmd said...

Out of several games one of my cherries falls, and is determined to stay on either the right or left column where there is no port for it to pass over to the right side and be expelled... I get so angry when it's just an unlucky board on my end... Not an easy level for that fact alone...

Tessa Rossi said...

Thanks to this tutorial I did it first go :-)