Candy Crush Saga Level 685

Tips for level 685 Candy Crush Saga
The exits for the fruit are in the 5 columns in the centre of the playing area, so you don't want the ingredients to slip out to the sides as you play or you'll have to move them back again.
The second ingredient falls down on move 31 so make this move in the middle so the ingredient stays there.
The third fruit comes down on move 16 so again keep your moves in the middle of the board for that move.
The coconut wheel will only be useful if you can break some of the cream blockers from beside it, but I found that more often than not it got wasted because it fired off while still surrounded by cream.
3 star video, no boosters

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2nd video by Jazz, no boosters


Anonymous said...

I've enjoy candy crush....however, im done until level 700...enough time and frustration spent.,,

Anonymous said...

Easy, got this on the first try!

Brian said...

Stripe/wrap combos cleared the way for me on this one.

Anonymous said...

WTF, I had like 20 moves left and the last one (Nut) never came down at all. Playing on PC.
There sure have been a lot of buggy levels here lately.

Bill. said...

A coconut wheel from the bonus wheel was very useful. Lots of combinations came at the end three chocolate bombs in a row. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

JanC here: thanks, Bill: used a coconut wheel from the daily spin & that did the trick: three stars. Stupid level.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here
My experience was better on my second turn.

When you get to about 30 moves and 15 moves, the final 2 fruits will have appeared so if you can (and that's the pivotal point, isn't it, because the game forces your hand sometimes)play in the middle so one of them doesn't pop down to the outside away from an exit.

The coconut wheel provided in the game was useless to me both times, just ran over the meringue and did nothing. Your own wheel would be useful though, I can see that.

But the level isn't too bad if I can get through on turn 2.