Candy Crush Saga Level 691

Tips for level 691 Candy Crush Saga
If you can get the fruits to come down in the middle section of the board it will be much easier to get them down and out of the exits.
There are only 3 ingredients to get out but usually the first one tends to be on the far left or right of the board at the start of the game. If lives aren't a problem you can always quit and start again until the first ingredient is where you want it.
If you can't restart and have to play what you're given, try to move it across so it's over one of the exits near the centre of the board or you will have to clear the way for it down the side, which is much harder.
The second and third ingredients come down on moves 24 and 12, so try to make those moves in the middle so the fruit comes down there.
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Bill. said...

Not difficult just start with a fruit over an exit hole seemed very familiar idea.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Well, I have gone through 15 lives, rejected probably 50 starts, and can not get even ONE fruit down and out. Now, I've even lost control of where the second and third drop. Paranoia is setting in.

Anonymous said...

JanC back to say complaining here worked (I had already wasted my only coconut wheel) and when I got that lucky board and shot through two at once, I shamelessly used my one precious hammer to allow the third to go through. Hate this game sometimes.

Anonymous said...