Candy Crush Saga Level 692

Tips for level 692 Candy Crush Saga
There is jelly under all the cream blockers, including the ones around the chocolate machines.
Try to work on the middle section first to give yourself more room to work so you can make colour bombs and other special candies.
Once the chocolate is released you can more or less ignore it as long as you can keep making combos as they will take care of it as you work on clearing the cream and jelly.
Video below

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Bill. said...

Very useful fish from the bonus wheel. Enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Now this I could deal with! I found it easiest to target the corners withOUT the chocolate factories to mostly clear them first, then the middle, before the chocolate takes over. Then I could focus on the jellies remaining under and around the chocolate factories. Two easy stars, no boosters.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally cleared it on the first try. Focused on top left and then top right mostly at beginning, then bottom left and bottom right. The middle mostly cleared itself while I was working at corners. This violates some rules on how I normally play. I like to clear away big sections in the middle to make big combos, but this game can be completed without them. I also like to keep chocolate at bay, but on this game that's not so hard. Instead, by playing top two corners first and clearing them, I didn't have to sit waiting at the end to see what surprise color would fall next and end up losing by one candy.. Easier to control what you get at bottom when game is counting down.