Candy Crush Saga Level 693

Tips for level 693 Candy Crush Saga
The first priority is the bombs on the right hand side. Working your way through the cream blockers is the hard way and you are unlikely to have enough moves before they count down. The easier way is to make a colour bomb and with luck a stripe or wrap to go with it.
Once the bombs are gone you need to continue making specials and clearing as many candies as possible, doesn't matter what colour you clear as the green and orange will look after themselves if enough candies are being removed.
You will get more bombs dropping but they are not usually a problem and will help to increase your score as they are worth 3000 points each.
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Anonymous said...

Got this one first try with 11 moves left...pretty easy!!

Bill said...

Remove the bombs then combinations. Took three attempts.

Jools said...

A tip to get rid of the bombs is to release a stripe above the line of cream blocks. The bombs are pulled into the 'slipstream' and wiped out in one go.

MichelleDV said...

Getting the bombs is the challenge. I had to use a free daily spin lollipop to get the last bomb. From then on, it was simple and fun.

Rhodesia said...
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Unknown said...