Candy Crush Saga Level 695

Tips for level 695 Candy Crush Saga
Level 695 is a jelly level with 2 cakes surrounded by conveyors! Luckily there are no bombs!
You need to clear the cakes as quickly as possible, so the hammer will unlock all the locked candies on the right of the board.
Clear the cakes one at a time.
The first cake will unlock all the candies and the second will take off the top layer of jelly providing the chocolate hasn't covered too many jellies.
If the chocolate is covering a jelly the hammer will only clear that and will not touch the jelly underneath.
Once that's done you will need to make as many specials and combos as you can or you won't manage to clear all the jelly.
Check the conveyors all the time to see which candy is moving next as they quite often give you patterns for good combos and they are easy to miss.
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Bill. said...

Clear the cakes one at a time. After the first cake if you can clear jelly top right as that is the most difficult to clear.

Unique web site said...

i already finished 695 level, waiting update from KING

Anonymous said...

Bully for you

Sue said...

Thanks Bill for all your great help

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Thank you, Miss Cookie and Bill! Passed level without boosters (Bill's suggestion to clear one tart then go after top right was a winner!!) Now I am off to play quests.

Anonymous said...

Easy level given it last in the stage as they are usually really hard regards AJ

nurse_sandey said...

Thanks for great advice Bill! Got it on my first try which NEVER happens to me!

Ahmed Omar said...

I have Finished breaking lock of level 695 but I Can't Move to the next level Why please help me out