Candy Crush Saga Level 696

Tips for level 696 Candy Crush Saga
You get a lot of moves in level 696, but believe me you need them!
There are some locked stripes already on the board scattered in amongst the cream blockers.
The most difficult jellies to get are the ones top right and left of the board under the licorice dispensers, so if you get ANY chance to clear them take it, don't wait as you may not get another chance.
There are also 2 jellies in separate squares at each side of the board, but I found that these took care of themselves fairly easily by setting off the stripes provided.
It is difficult to score high points on level 696 because the board is quite restricted at the start.
It's just a question of making as many specials and combos as you can and keeping an eye on the top corners.
Video below.
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Bill. said...

Needed lots of combinations and had to use the swap from the bonus wheel, enjoyable with no bombs.

Anonymous said...

very boring level, makes me not want to even try and complete it...

E.T said...

Not having level 696 for androids yet. Candy crush management must be sleeping

soph said...

Got it after two tries but at the last move. Lots of moves but not a lot of progress. Got lucky with two donut stripe combos

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Got it first try, no booster, no problem but was shocked by the single star I got til I came here & read it's difficult to get a high score. Maybe I'll try again in future.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

My goodness, I have been on it for days. You get a LOT of moves, it is quite a fun level in some ways, except I could never get through it. I tried using my bonus fish a few times and that got me closer but not through.

Today I tried the fish booster again. I got through. There were still a couple of jellies left and I thought I had no hope at all, as one of them was behind those licorice bars, so layers deep!

Then the system had to do a reshuffle and placed one of the stripes in a good spot, it detonated immediately and wham, I was through.

You'll need a lot of combos for this one. I had a colour ball/stripe, numerous stripes and wraps alone, plus 3 lots of fish and I only got through on the reshuffle.

Good luck.
But if you do get stuck, I can recommend the fish booster.