Candy Crush Saga Level 707

Tips for level 707 Candy Crush Saga
Level 707 is divided into 4 sections, the bottom 2 sections have 3 conveyors moving from left to right and then down to the exits in the bottom right square.
See the image below.
Your job is to get the 5 ingredients from the top right, through the teleports into the top left, then bottom left and let the conveyors carry them through to the exits in the bottom right.
Matches in the bottom right square have no effect on any of the other squares so won't help you move the fruit, but you may be able to plan ahead and get the colours you need into the bottom left square by switching them.
The best way to move the fruit is to work in the bottom left square.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I worked the top left and bottom left to get the fruit to the drop to the conveyor belt. Then it was simply trying to keep the bombs from exploding, until the conveyor belt dropped them off.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget to keep an eye on the score, I've beaten it a couple of times but my score wasn't high enough

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, another mind numbingly boring level offering the player little to no hope of ever completing the requirements. I've seldom got to the end of the moves, either the bombs get me or there is no way to get the fruits out in the moves left. I have found that the board tends to force you to play in the bottom right, which to the most part is the worse corner to be making your moves. Try to bring the fruits out in the right hand columns, they then have less distance to travel on the conveyor belt. Vertical strips in any corner are the most useful.

Anonymous said...

Again did this at first attempt, with 3 stars i read this blog before attempting any level and its quiet usefull , full credits to them for i have reached to this level in this game

Joep van Mourik said...

Got it at the second attempt, but no 75.000 points, so all over again.

Bill. said...

First attempt need bit of luck with the bombs keep moving the fruit down whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Thank God that wasn't more difficult because I found it very annoying! Got it on my third try, thanks to tips here. One star but that's enough!

Anonymous said...

My top levels do NOT have tele-porters, Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Fairly easy level once you get the hang of it.
Top instructions are pretty spot on.

It starts on the top right, but if you want to move the fruit, you will need to make moves either in the top right or top left.

Then once it is in the top left, move to get it to drop to the belt on bottom left asap.

Watch out for bombs, clear them asap.

Once fruit is on a conveyor belt it is on its way out anyway, but if you can drop it to the bottom of the belt it will make it out in fewer moves.
It may not sound much but may make all the difference if you have a bomb you can't clear and want to beat it by getting the last ingredient out earlier.

Pugmom said...

Thanks to those that posted the tips. After I read them, I beat the level in a couple more tries. Just be patient, go slow, and you will soon beat it. You could use a free bomb to bust a bomb if it's about to explode. Didn't have to do that but I would if I was close and a bomb was near exploding.

Hunter MacLean said...

75000 pts. I think that's about as close to passing as possible.

Anonymous said...

I don't have tele porters in the top squares. This will make the level unplayable.

Sort it out King.

VIcki said...

I don't have any teleports either. What a way to go out. :-(

Vicki said...

I contacted King about not having any teleporters in the top boxes on level 707. They responded by telling me to go to King Care and look for suggestions from other players. They added that that would be their only response to my question. WTF King. If I wasn't so far along in the game I would have just found another game to play. Luckily I tried it on my Kindle and had teleporters. Beat 707 on the second try. So if you are having this problem try it on another device. Don't bother contacting King for help. We are on our own!!!