Candy Crush Saga level 787

Tips for level 787 Candy Crush Saga
Level 787 is a jelly level with 40 moves to clear the jelly.
To help you there is a frog and a conveyor.
The conveyor will bring candies down from top left to top right and can be helpful in getting candies together to make specials and combos.
The frog is useful to clear the jelly in the top middle square. In this section no more candies will fall once the candies have been hit, so only the frog and stripe combos will clear the jelly completely.
The most difficult jellies to get to are the ones up the sides as there are few opportunities to match candies next to them.
Vertical stripes placed correctly will do a lot of damage to cream and jelly and if you can get a colour bomb / stripe combo that will go a long way towards clearing the level.
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Joep van Mourik said...

Very easy level. Took me only 1 sprinkled/striped combo to finish the job. Fun though.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Got it on my third try, no boosters, two stars, by following Ms Cookie's advice to be mindful of the highest blocks on farthest left and right. Before each move I'd look there first for moves or ways to clear them. Used the frog in top middle. Easy to make special candy combos. Easy once you have the strategy: thanks again, Ms Cookie ;)

Anonymous said...

Another fun level,'yay ;);)

Jocelyn said...

First try, no boosters, 3 stars. Look for sprinkle opportunities and use the frog to get the jellies in the top middle section.

Bill. said...

Agree enjoyable two attempts good tip use the frog early in the top section.

Anon lafy said...

Maybe I was unlucky, but I struggled on this level. The tip about using the frog in the top square was useful, but it only destroyed some of the jellies.

Be careful not to get the frog onto the conveyor belt! At last I have done it. Perseverance pays off!

kfmconsulting said...

I didn't find this as easy as most of the comments but it is a fun level. It took about two dozen tries and got close a couple of times. Finally concentrated on clearing The blocks above the conveyor belt and the upper right and left sides. The bottom more or less takes care of itself. Used the frog once but you still need special combos to clear the remaining jellies in the center top. Did it on iPad, no boosters and got 2 stars.

Chad Duerksen said...

Boring almost impossible level. Took 5 extra moves and 1 hammer after about 20 slow boring tries. Pretty impossible to get enough stripes to clear the top AND clear the top corners without booster help.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice unnecessary board shuffling? This isn't the first level I've noticed more possible moves and a board shuffle when there is a move to make. I didn't notice it until somewhere the 600-700 levels, maybe around "hard levels" started.