Candy Crush Saga level 859

Tips for level 859 Candy Crush Saga.
You need to collect 10 wrapped candies and 20 striped candies.

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The wraps are the hardest to make so look for those all the time.
You have 2 coconut wheels which will give you at least 6 stripes, more if you switch them with a stripe.
If you can switch a coconut wheel with a wrap it will likely give you all the wraps you need too.
There is also a UFO at the bottom which will give you three of the wraps you need.
Level 859 should not pose too many problems to anyone who has got this far in the game.
If you want three stars youu should be able to make some colour bombs to bring up the score.
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Jocelyn said...

2nd try, no boosters, 2 stars. Sprinkle + stripes will help fill the stripe order. Spend the rest of the time focussing on making wraps and breaking the UFO free.

Anonymous said...

It took me quite a few attempts, but finally got it with 5 moves left. Reset until I had a vertical above the UFO. Made it easier to get to later. Also got a chocoball/ stripe combo, but before i set it off, I made sure I'd made all the special candies I could. JS

Anonymous said...

Finally, second try, no boosters.

Ladilove said...

The tip to match wrap with wheel was money. Made getting wraps easy. Then cleared my stripes and it was GAME OVER!!!

Anonymous said...

About 15 tries. I was able to match wheel with stripe. If I could match a wheel with wrap like Ladilove above, it would have been better but couldn't. Then I was able to match 2 choco with wraps. Your easy board will come too:) iPhone/No Booster/3 stars

Anonymous said...

Have tried about 5 times not really getting close. :(. Guess ill keep at it!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

JanC here. Wow! First try, zero moves to spare, squeaked by with two stars but no boosters needed. Luck, no doubt! Play on an android tablet; that's been a factor I think, for good or ill, the past couple of episodes.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Kath.. Took about 20 attempts.. But Bingo.. Cascades everywhere.....wraps and stripes came from nowhere!!!.. Good luck all!!

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here
Enjoyable level. Easy but not too easy.

The key is to break through the bottom asap and release the coconut wheels and UFO as these will give you the extra wraps and stripes you need to get through. Don't let the chocolate worry you, it is not too hard to wipe out.

I was not able to match a wheel with a wrap or stripe-but if you can that will really boost things nicely.

Bill. said...

Quite enjoyable needing a lot of thought to get the wrapped candies came close several times. Again ufo essential.

kfmconsulting said...

Thought this was going to be harder than it turned out. 3rd try on iPhone, no boosters. Took out the chocolate early to keep it from spreading. Got a sprinkle/stripe which helped a lot, then concentrated on wraps.

Dexter Frantz said...

I had trouble with the wraps.
With 2 moves left, I was able to match a wrap with a wheel and I got thru another level.
Good luck!