Candy Crush Saga Level 1052

Hints and tips for level 1052 Candy Crush Saga
At the start unlock the colour bomb and stripe and switch them together to remove the bombs.
The bombs are all the same colour so even if you lose the stripe you can still use the colour bomb to remove them.
The chocolate can only spread if there are candies in the jelly for it to spread into, and it can't spread onto the conveyor.
This means that any special candies you have on the conveyor cannot be eaten by the chocolate so you can let them move around in to the best position either to clear jelly, or to get next to another special candy to form a combo.
Once the bombs are gone you can concentrate on making combos to clear the jelly.
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Bill. said...

Essential to free the chocolate bomb plus striped candy then combinations to clear the jelly. I used a wrapped/striped candy to clear the bomb/candy.

Anonymous said...

Omg! Only one tip.

Anonymous said...

I agree only one tip. Im stuck fore 3 weeks.

DataQueen said...

I used a sprinkle booster to clear all the bombs first which released the pressure then turned to making combinations with striped candy in the top area. I succeeded on my second try with this approach and did not even clear all the meringue.

MNranger said...

The best tip I can give is to use both a sprinkle and fish boosters simultaneously. After many failed attempts, I finally passed this level using those 2 boosters.