Candy Crush Saga Level 1155

Hints and tips for level 1155 Candy Crush Saga
Al the jelly is in the separate sections at the bottom and sides of the board, so unless you can make a match in the jelly at the start you are going to have to clear it using special candies and combos which you can make in the main section of the board.
Stripe/wrap combos are good or a colour bomb/stripe combo. Once the chocolate is under control you should be able to make matches in the jelly also.
Video below
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Mary Immel said...

1160 anyone any hints?

Anonymous said...

Loads of stuff blowing up and easy to make strip / wrapped combinations but the chocolate always takes over as the combinations don't hit the right places. Bit boring really as it's yet another of those frustrating levels where you have to keep playing until you get a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

First try, 3 stars on iPad. Kept getting big combos, blasting everything away. Fun!! But think I probably got a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

First try, no boosters, three stars and a few moves left.
Thought this one would be very difficult but got quite a few stripe/wrap combos and stripes alone. Once the chocolate was gone I got three chocolate sprinkles which I used on different colours left in the jellies.

Van5 said...

Same here. First try, no boosters, 3 stars and some moves left. Stripe/wrap combos and 2 colour bomb/stripe combos did the trick. Good luck everyone!

Bill. said...

Third attempt chocolate bomb plus striped candy did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Second try; used fish and had 22 moves left. The cascades just kept going. Fun level. Grace from DU