Candy Crush Saga Level 1087

Hints and tips for level 1087 Candy Crush Saga
You should have at least 2 colour bombs when the board settles, with luck one of them may be next to a wrapped candy. For good scores switch the colour bomb with the wrap.
After that work on clearing the cake bomb and unlocking the locked colour bombs.
This is a fun level to play but not always easy as there are not many moves to spare.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Two colour bombs falling next to each other is a good way to start too. Swapping these will immediately take away half the wedges in the cake, and release the caged specials that will help with the remaining wedges.

Anonymous said...

Fun enjoyable level.

Bill. said...

Again first attempt match two chocolate bombs to clear the cake.

Anonymous said...

Fun level

Missy M said...

Two chocolate bombs only clear part of the cake. It's stuck in a corner and difficult to remove. I've got 3 stars on about 85% of my levels but I've been stuck here for so long that it's boring. I think King wants us to buy boosters, but it's not going to happen. I'll quit the game first.
Good luck to all who are still playing.