Candy Crush Saga Level 1088

Hints and tips for level 1088 Candy Crush Saga
Collect the keys in the middle using stripes, stripe/wrap combos or colour bombs. This will unlock the lucky candies in the top part of the board which, with luck, will give you the orders that you need.
You only have 15 moves, so if you don't get almost all the orders in the first cascades you don't have many moves to make more. Don't waste moves.
Level 1088 depends a lot on luck, although you can make a few specials if needed.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Fifth attempt need to unlock the first key then pure luck if you can get all the wrapped candies. Chocolate bombs form themselves.

LynnR said...

Very fun level. Pretty much played itself after unlocking and detonating some of the special candies at the top.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

Very unsatisfactory level as far as I am concerned. Either you get virtually nowhere or else you make one move and the game takes over and plays away till everything is ticked.
Sure, I got through after about 3 tries but I would prefer a level where I actually felt I was playing.