Candy Crush Saga Level 1149

Hints and tips for level 1149 Candy Crush Saga
There is jelly under all three cake bombs and the chocolate so everything needs to be cleared to complete level 1149.
There are only four colours on the board, so making special candies and combos is fairly easy once you have some room to work.
You may lose the wrapped candies which are on the board at the start, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem as you can easily make more.
The chocolate may cause you a problem if it grows too far, so try to keep it confined by using combos.
Keep an eye on the bombs as they can be hard to clear and will sneak up on you while you are concentrating on other things.
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Cat said...

First try after the usual reset. A pleasure after the last few levels.

Van5 said...

Certainly didn't get this on the first try. After about 5 tries used a hammer to clear the last piece of 2 cakes. After that is was easy. Managed to get rid of the chocolate with a lot of combos which are easy to make once the right cake is cleared. Bombs didn't seem to effect the play when using many combos. (I did lose 1 game to an exploding bomb stuck down in the left corner). Cascades at the end bring the points way up. 11/2K. Fun level once I cleared the chocolate. Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

Worst level of Candy Crush to date. Horrible!

Anonymous said...

This one took me 5 tries or so. Loved this one. Lots of combos and cascades. Cascade in the end added around 2 million to my additional score. I honestly thought it would never end!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Kath... Well, that was fun, 1st go!!!! And didn't think the cascades at the end would ever stop..
Lots of sugar drops collected too!!!

Bill. said...

Third attempt need to get one cake early then need luck for combinations to form to get the other two.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here
Enjoyable level. A challenge but not too difficult, like some previous levels.
It took me about 10 tries but along the way, made lots of combos.
No need to use boosters unless you want to fast track. This level plays fair for you.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a fun level!

GC said...

I personally didn't like this level. I came close once without boosters when I only had one jelly left but ran out of moves. After about the 4th attempt I decided to use 3 of my boosters. Then I got a couple of good combos and moves. Finally the last cake exploded and I was then left with one popcorn and only one move left, so I used two of my hammers and finished it.

Good luck everyone.

GC said...

Oh and I forgot, I also used a handswitch to put two sparkles together.

Suzie O said...

First try I lost to a bomb but second try was much better and one wrap/stripe combo took out what I had left on all three pies so hammer came 3 times in a row... that was fun. Finished the rest easily.

Anonymous said...

Am I doing the same level as all the people above? This is horrendous, I've been on it for 2 days now and the chocolate seems to be on steroids or something! What am I doing wrong?