Candy Crush Saga Level 1150

Hints and tips for level 1150 Candy Crush Saga
You will need to clear the cake bomb as it has jelly under it.
Watch the conveyors carefully at the top, although they can quite often spoil your planned moves they can also be helpful too.
Make stripes and stripe/wrap combos on the right to clear the cake.
Although the conveyors may look confusing, they move in a predictable way, see image.
The candies follow the route of the arrows and then go back to the beginning in 4 separate continuous loops.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

The first few levels on this section were actually kind of fun. And then we get to Level 1153 --- BORING and no fun at all. Wish these developers would make them a little more enjoyable. I don't mind having to replay a level several times if it is fun and you feel like you have a chance to beat it without always having to wait for a lucky board. Here we go again.

Jane said...

A fun level. Took several tries and then everything started exploding. Quite the fireworks show.

Van5 said...

Took a few tries. I am useless as trying to figure out conveyor belt strategy! Just tried to make lots of combos on the right side. Finished with one star but then lots of explosions took it up to 3. Still hate bombs!

Anonymous said...

Horrible level. Hard and without the fun.

Anonymous said...

Agree...horrible level. Guess I'll be here for a while.

dancinggirl said...

I totally focused on making stripes and wraps on right side. Ignored everything else and finished on second try.

Bill. said...

First attempt combinations needed to get the cake then straightforward.

Anonymous said...