Candy Crush Saga Level 1225

Hints and tips for level 1225 Candy Crush Saga
You will need to make stripes and wraps to grow the popcorns, which will give you the colour bombs you need.
Use the conveyor to get the stripes and wraps into position to hit the popcorns.
Stripe/wrap combos are good for growing 2 or three popcorns at the same time.
Don't forget your colour bomb combo, switch the 2 colour bombs as soon as you get them in case you don't get another chance, this will also help to grow more of the popcorns.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

Really sad reality that having to apply free boosters is pretty much the norm now in beating these levels. Please King, bring back the strategy and challenge that we all look forward to, and dump the I have to get a lucky board to pass mentality. Played this level many times and got nowhere. Used the check mark and the sprinkle, finished with tons of moves left, No Joy in that

Van5 said...

Managed this on the first go somehow. Just made as many wraps as I could and exploded them near the popcorns. Thought I had to get them all but I didn't. Took the above advice and smacked 2 together when they first appeared. Had 3 others on the board and done! Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Check mark worked on first try.

Anon lafy said...

Turned out to be easy after all. I got it on my first try. I suspect I had one of those famous 'lucky' boards - I usually have to work hard on each level, but not this time. When I matched two sprinkles that collected all the rest of the orders. Onwards and upwards - good luck, everybody.

Bill. said...

Very enjoyable took three attempts the two chocolate bombs together most difficult.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Not easy, took me a few days. But an enjoyable level so I didn't mind (too much).

Getting 2 colour balls together was the trick. If you grow the popcorns and 2 near each other open at the same time, you might get one landing on top of the other. If you do & they don't explode immediately, you're home and hosed.
I got that, with only about half a dozen turns left, after a game with no amazing combos except one stripe/wrap. Once I used them, it opened some others plus I had a chance to make one of my own.

It can be done in a few days, no boosters, even by a very average player like me. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here-again.

God help us, it's groundhog day. :-(
After posting here, went on to level 1226, lovely and easy.
Then onto next level. Hmm, looks familiar.

It's taken me back to level 1225, doesn't recognise I got through it and the level above already. Not happy, Jan!!

Anyone else find this glitch?

Kelly Amadei said...