Candy Crush Saga Level 1226

Hints and tips for level 1226 Candy Crush Saga
You need to clear all the cakes and the popcorns as there is jelly under them all.
The hardest cake to clear is the top left one so any chance you get to clear any part of that cake you should take it.
Stripe/colour bomb combos are good but make sure there are plenty of candies the same colour as the stripe before you switch them.
Stripe/wrap combos and wrapped candies are also helpful.
Video below

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Van5 said...

Once I cleared one of the cakes it made it a lot easier to make specials. Tried to make wraps and explode them near the popcorn as much as possible. Considered using a hammer to get the last piece of the top cake, but it went on its own. Only managed a colour bomb/ stripe combo once and ended up with 2 stars only, good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Took about 4 or 5 tries. I would suggest not being so quick to clear a cake. Look around and see if you can "knock" off another piece of a cake first. Also, your first move should be to see if you can hit the bottom right part of the upper left cake because once you hit it, there is a "void zone". I cleared the cakes in this order - upper right, bottom left, upper left and bottom right. Once I cleared the upper left cake, I knew I had a chance. Color bombs, stripes and wraps came more frequently after 2 cakes got cleared.

Anonymous said...

I found this one to be difficult but fun. Finally used a hand switch to finish it off after several unsuccessful tries. As usual, my main challenge was popping all the flippin' popcorn!

Anon lafy said...

I was not having much luck with this one when...all of a sudden, it all happened and I was left with a group of 4 candies to crush, which was easy. It must have been more luck than judgement, so I can't add any helpful tips.

Good luck everyone!

Bill. said...

First attempt cleared top right cake then lucky combinations to have two chocolate bombs together that cleared the other cakes.

Unknown said...

I cant get access to level 1226 help