Candy Crush Saga Level 1275

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1275 without boosters by Allina Rumfelt
This is a really fun level with the potential for some high scores and awesome cascades.  
You just need to open up the board  first. Pretty straightforward.  
Chocolate needs to be managed but it's not too overwhelming.  If your having trouble clearing this board just follow basic clear the jelly strategy. 
Make every move count by dinging the blockers with each move, focus on the sides and corners, big combos like a double chocolate bomb combo or chocolate bomb / stripe combo really clears a lot of jelly.  If your going for stars or points, go for the chocolate bomb/wrap combos.
Video below
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Brian said...

All of those players that "quit" Candy Crush on Level 1268 ( that nasty one with all of those thick blockers) are missing some fun levels ; )

LynnR said...

Passed first try on this one with 12 candies left over. You're right Brian it's definitely worth it to persevere through the tough levels.

Bill. said...

Two attempts, just open up the middle section then combinations come along.