Candy Crush Saga Level 1276

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1276 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
 The popcorn in the top corners are the hardest part on this board so try to ding them from the very start. 
 It is very hard to get a horizontal stripe on the top so go for the stripe/wrap combo off to the sides.  There are only 4 colors so making combos is fairly easy.  
When you see one of the bottom popcorns getting ready to release the chocolate bomb, drop a stripe down there so you can have a chocolate bomb/ stripe combo.  Make sure you have a couple of the right colored candies aligned at the top or sides so the top popcorn takes a hit or two.  
Not many moves on this board so make every move count.  
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Not sure what is happening. When I first saw this level with five popcorn and only 20 moves I didn't think it would be possible without boosters. But, it was easy to get three stripe/wrap combos that went across the bottom and up one of the sides each time.
Then I made a wrap close to the center popcorn. With four moves left I set off a chocolate bomb/stripe combo and only had two jellies left on the same side that I got with a stripe. Good luck.

Van5 said...

Definitely not as hard as it looks. We have had one like this before with six popcorn's on the board and you had to make seven color bombs. I do believe you were given more moves though. I also got this one first try and the cascades at the end took me up to three stars. Very easy to make stripe/rap combos. Good luck everyone!

Anon lafy said...

Oh my goodness - I got this on my first try! No boosters, only one star but that's fine. I didn't honestly have a strategy, it just happened! One of those lucky boards I suppose.

Good luck to everyone else.

Bill. said...

Very enjoyable. Took quite a few attempts that get the top popcorn. No bombs!!

Cat said...

Hi all.

1st try 3 stars. Very easy episode.


Laura S. said...

This took me a bit longer than everyone else. About 30 or so tries before I got lucky and got two chocolate balls next to each other to finish off the top popcorns. At least it was enjoyable!!

susie said...

Must have got lucky, easy first time. Enjoy it because the next level looks horrible!

Suzie O said...

two easy ones in a row, wow!!