Level 2601 - 2700

Level guides and tips.
Below are links to the level guides with tips and videos for all the Candy Crush Saga levels between 2601 and 2700.
There are hints and tips from our expert players and from other readers of this blog.
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Click on the link below to see the tips and video for the level you want.

Level 2601                                  Level 2651
Level 2602                                  Level 2652
Level 2603                                  Level 2653
Level 2604                                  Level 2654
Level 2605                                  Level 2655
Level 2606                                  Level 2656
Level 2607                                  Level 2657
Level 2608                                  Level 2658
Level 2609                                  Level 2659
Level 2610                                  Level 2660
Level 2611                                  Level 2661
Level 2612                                  Level 2662
Level 2613                                  Level 2663
Level 2614                                  Level 2664
Level 2615                                  Level 2665
Level 2616                                  Level 2666
Level 2617                                  Level 2667
Level 2618                                  Level 2668
Level 2619                                  Level 2669
Level 2620                                  Level 2670
Level 2621                                  Level 2671
Level 2622                                  Level 2672
Level 2623                                  Level 2673
Level 2624                                  Level 2674
Level 2625                                  Level 2675
Level 2626                                  Level 2676
Level 2627                                  Level 2677
Level 2628                                  Level 2678
Level 2629                                  Level 2679
Level 2630                                  Level 2680
Level 2631                                  Level 2681
Level 2632                                  Level 2682
Level 2633                                  Level 2683
Level 2634                                  Level 2684
    Level 2635                                  Level 2685    
Level 2636                                  Level 2686
Level 2637                                  Level 2687
Level 2638                                  Level 2688
Level 2639                                  Level 2689
Level 2640                                  Level 2690
Level 2641                                  Level 2691
Level 2642                                  Level 2692
Level 2643                                  Level 2693
Level 2644                                  Level 2694
Level 2645                                  Level 2695
Level 2646                                  Level 2696
Level 2647                                  Level 2697
Level 2648                                  Level 2698
 Level 2649                                  Level 2699 
Level 2650                                  Level 2700


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Anonymous said...

After playing for about three and a half years I landed on the jackpot in the daily spin. I clicked on claim prize and then it went to come back later for another spin. I won absolutely nothing! What a big let down. I feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

Dee, I hope the 2000 compulsion doesn't bite you as bad as it did me. Last night passed the 11000 booster mark.

Also, I discovered another weirdness. When I'm playing a level (Firefox and Facebook) there is a display in the upper left that shows how many hammers, UFOs, switch hands, and paint brushes I have. The paint brush has always been blank, so I assumed I didn't have any. A few days ago, I played on my Linux computer using Facebook. I that configuration, it uses an older version of CC. That screen showed that I had over a thousand paint brushes.

When I got back to my normal PC and Firefox, I tried using a paintbrush. It doesn't show a count, but they are there and I can use them.

Just finished watching the videos of this week's new batch. Again, no timed levels. If you don't look at all the videos, I suggest looking at least at: 2708, 2718, and 2719.


Anonymous said...

Please help me:
Asking again what is the last level that you can play at your computer, I am not sure if I see the latest stage.

At my computer I could play even without waiting for Wedensday.

Thanks in advance!

Ditte said...

The last level is 2705.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to actually pass level 2700??

(Also how the actual hell did you all get thousands of boosters???? I barely have 50, all combined!)

Anonymous said...

thank you Ditte

Dee said...

Trying as hard as possible to curb my level 2000 compulsion.
If Anonymous goes to the beginning of this batch of comments, he/she will find a fascinating dialogue/polylogue outlining the entire process, from MB's accidental discovery of the 2000 booster bonanza through till OC's persistent experimenting until it could be reproduced by us all.
MB mentions that the paintbrushes are there physically, although not represented on the booster counter. Can anyone corroborate? I don't even know how to use the paintbrush since I never had one.

larfingravy said...

Ditte - thanks for the tips. I downloaded the Windows app and it plays better than the CC site on PC. It also gave me the bonus for level 2000 (thanks MB) and more of the bonus collecting features - though no Daily Wheel. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Some nasty levels and some easy. Usual rubbish.

I wish they would go back to what it was like in the first year. No sugar drops and no spaceships.

A much better game in those days.

Moany Pete

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