Candy Crush Saga Level 417 UPDATE

From 12th December 2013 this level has been made much easier on PC and laptop games. 
There are now only THREE cyclones and there is an extra coconut wheel at the top of the right hand side.

there are also fewer layers of cream to clear before you get the fruit moving...
It is still not easy, but much more doable than before. 

At the time of writing the mobile game is still as before but hopefully it will be changed with the next update.


  1. I am hanging it up. Too much frustration playing this game. I refuse to spend another $ to pass.

  2. I'm almost agreeing with anonymous above and ready to hang it up. This is the MOST frustrating level yet. You don't play the game, the "tornadoes" play the game and force you to make the moves they want. That and the bombs to smash. Just a matter of figuring out what the board wants you to do. NO FUN
    !!! I want to play it myself thank you!!

  3. I'm done. We're no longer playing the board, the cyclones are.

  4. using all the suggested strategies. looks like it has been made easier that before. I would hate to see it the old way! pretty sure I'm done with this. I will give it 2more days, and then I will find something more productive to do.

  5. The most boring level to date! Nothing you do is in your control. If the tornados don't get you then the bombs will!

  6. I loved this game till level 417..It is not cause it is hard it is cause it plays itself. cyclones destroy any means of advancement. At this point I am disgusted at the whole game and its concept. They leave no room for strategy or fun or means of passing to the next level.

  7. This was hard but I knew I could do it with some patience. I played on my iPad so I had 5 twisters but they are not all bad because they do work on the blocked side. Had to use 2 lollipops ( my free ones) to open up my pathway and now happy I finished it.

  8. This level has a glitch. Actually, it's a program glitch, it just shows up more on this level. This happened to me at least three times. I had the coconut wheel in the corner of the box on the right. The other two had been used and there were no matches anywhere on the board. I couldn't use the coconut wheel because it's in the corner so that eliminates two directions, there was cream underneath it and a nut to the left. You can't switch a coconut wheel with an ingredient. So I have no moves but the game won't reshuffle because it thinks I can use the coconut wheel. I wish we could have the option of using a move to reshuffle but if we did they'd make it a booster you have to pay for.

    Other than that, I actually brought down the ingredients twice. The first time I had a verticle stripey in just the right place to clear the column and bring down the last nut or two. I was talking to my husband and was distracted. I made that move and brought everything down but somehow clicked on something that closed out the game before it actually finished. So I had to start all over again. I finally did it. It took a long time for both times but it can be done, I know, I've done it twice! The second time I brought all the ingredients down I left the room and let it finish!

    The biggest problem with this level isn't the tornadoes so much as the bombs. I would get most of the right side cleared but then have to use all my moves detonating bombs over on the left.

  9. I really do not like the twisters. I find they remove my enjoyment from the game, and why would I play a game I do not enjoy? Got through this level with 3 stars on ipad. Had to use lollipop twice. Once for a bomb, and once to get rid of last candy so 3rd acorn could drop. If you can get them, lollipops are your friends on this level.

    Some tips... Only break one wheel on left and then let it drop so 3 candies above it. Then, set it of upwards vertically. This will unfreeze other candy (if setting off left wheel)' and unfreeze right column candy.

    If 3 candies are on top of right column, move wheel to left to blow blocks vertically.

    Then, drop last wheel so it has 4 candies above it and push upward so it blows the top 3 blocks of right column.

    If you do this, the top blocks will now be gone, and give you a huge advantage. If I could not do this, I restarted.

  10. Easy........DONE....I'm done with this game as of this level...husband and other friends have quit here too...crappy tornados are not the's the bombs. Level the playing field

  11. Here is the key to getting past this level:
    * In your first move, match three vertical candies directly under one of the coconut wheels so that it unfreezes and drops down.
    * Second move, drag up on the freed wheel to blast the top three rows horizontally. This will free the second and third frozen wheels at the top of your screen.
    * Third and Fourth moves (in either order, depending on cyclone activity), Drag far right coconut wheel to the left to blast 3 columns going down. Drag final wheel down to blast rows 2,3 and 4 horizontally. This should completely clear the top three rows on the right side which allows candies to drop so that you can make moves to open up the right side and win.

    Previously given advice to remember:
    * You cannot drag a coconut wheel over an acorn, so act quickly before they get in your way.
    * Make sure, before using a wheel, that all three of the adjacent candies are intact in order to maximize your damage.
    * A wheel will not explode a candy that is already striped.
    * It's ok to set off a wheel if there is an empty spot due to recent cyclone activity because fresh candies will fall to fill the spot as soon as the wheel starts moving.
    * Striped plus wrapped combos work well to clear the right side and also wipe out bombs.
    * Don't worry about clearing the farthest column to the right because there is no exit for nuts.

    If you can't do the first four steps right away, you might consider starting a new board.

    Good Luck Fellow Candy Crushers!

    1. Thank you for the hint. I cleared it the first time trying it! Was going to give up on this level too as it seemed so impossible, but that worked perfect!

    2. This is a GREAT suggestion. Passed it in a couple of days without the December 2013 update and without boosters.

  12. Difficult took a lot of attempts much easier on pc.

  13. followed Geo Lund's advice and it worked perfectly!!!Thank you to all the Candy Crush players that have left valuable info on here!

  14. I didn't find this level hard, but played the revised layout on an Android device, though it took nine tries. Seven tries were lost on bombs, and the eighth failed when the last ingredient was stuck on the rightmost column, which has no exit (and I did not realize it at the time). To delay the bombs, I kept the wheels frozen and concentrated on creating horizontally-blasting stripes to clear blocking cream, and the cyclones helped there too. When I did free the wheels, I used the wheels vertically on the left side, and tried to get one against a stripe before using it. The wheel on the right was left until I could use it to create vertical-blasting stripes, by which time it could clear a lot of the cream. In the end, though, it came down to a wrapped candy which set off a bomb with one tick left and also allowed the last of the ingredients to drop through the exits. The latter was actually a bonus I was not anticipating. Though the cyclones were a bother, occasionally wrecking a move I was setting up, the bombs were worse, and a lot of moves were wasted clearing those.

  15. Geo Lund, you're a genius! Your tips worked perfectly. It took me about 7 lives to get it out but after fumbling my way through the first time, I tried what you said and I could see straight away that your strategy was excellent. So, bliss now three games in row, Such a nice feeling after so many shockers.

  16. I am finding this level so flipping hard, there's been times I really wanted to give up, but I love a challenge, but this level is well impossible, any help or advise would be great I will carry on regardless zzzz

  17. Been playing for two weeks and in my best game, which saw a supernova of pure dumb luck, I cleared just one of the ingredients. This is clearly the level where King says "you've played long enough for free, time to buy some boosters." which I won't do, so I guess that's over


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