Tips for level 325 Candy Crush Saga..

Here is some good advice for passing level 325 from an anonymous player who wrote this in the comments section of this level...

After 3 days of constant playing, the board will just give you a starting setup that is poised to win you the level. 
Keep trying to build the vertical striped candy. Sometimes, you may have to fire off a horizontal stripe which may seem a useless move but a whole row of candies coming down may just make all kinds of combos that will allow you to beat the level. 
Remember that the game is just a program. 
Inside its algorithm is a random number generator, much like a slot machine. 
After several tries, you are bound to win, assuming you are not blowing your moves. 
A cherry or acorn will only come down after at least one has been cleared, so try to clear then as fast as possible to bring down the next one. 
If you spend your time building all your combos, you will run out of moves in time to bring all the cherry/acorns down. 
If it is between clearing the chocolate and bringing down the fruit, bring down the fruit first.
 In the end, don't stress over it. It will get beat...after all, you didn't get to Level 325 if you didn't know what you were doing. 
Remember that you are playing against a program that tracks your moves. Eventually, you will beat the level. Just make the right decisions when faced with multiple options.


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