Candy Crush Saga Level 551

Tips for level 551 Candy Crush Saga
This level has 3 conveyor belts, all moving from left to right and the ingredients have to leave by the three center columns.
Here the conveyors will help you enormously, especially if the nuts come down at the side of the board.
Just make matches under the nut to let it fall onto one of the conveyors, then let it move along until it's in position over one of the exit columns, then match below it to drop it down off the conveyor and out. Ready for the next ingredient to fall.
Video below.


  1. I absolutely hated this level. Played it at least 200 times and then finally won. I kept dropping the ingredient too far down and it would land under the bottom conveyor. Be very careful with this one.

  2. Wow, that was tricky! (And I swear the conveyors were making me dizzy.) The strategy is to drop the fruit onto the conveyor, wait for it to be over one of the exits, and then drop it out. (But much easier said than done!) Any moves you have to "waste" while waiting for it to move to the appropriate column should be spent trying to set up ways to drop it when it does arrive. A vertical stripe in one of the exit columns is helpful, as are wrapped/striped combos.

  3. 2 nuts & 3 cherry to be drop down.

    1. plan carefully to drop the fruit to conveyor OR at middle 3 column which the drop zone are;
    2. do lot of strip candy and mix it if the fruit are in target drop zone!
    3. beware not to overshoot the fruit the bottom corner of the board, very difficult indeed not possible for u to recover!
    Good luck!
    player from Malaysia.

  4. Well, this is not an easy one.

    You really need to focus on when to let the fruit fall on the conveyors. Vertical stripes are the best in this level, but you need to carefully plan when to shoot them. Sometimes you have to wait and wait for the fruit to arrive on the exit colums, carefully to not use your precious vertical stripe. It's nearly impossible to have a wrapped/stripe combo and wait for the fruit to arrive in the wright exit row.

    The issue is that you have to clear the fruit one by one, there will hardly ever be 2 fruits in the game, it can happen, but than your chances are nearly finished anyway...

    I also was stick on this level for 50/60 attempts and really got in on the last move. Many times it should have been a piece of cake, but the fruit was on the conveyors, and needed another 2-3 moves to come above the exit column, where I had my vertical stripe waiting.

    The problem is really that you don't have enough moves. The combination of luck and just being short to a few moves makes this level difficult.

    A real challenging level to me but anybody who has come this far must and can beat this level as well.

    I finished the episode already 2 days after release and am going back to the stupid owl Odus. I think the Owls are finished on planet earth:-)

    Good luck from the Netherlands!

  5. I have now beaten this board three times and it refuses to advance. REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!! I hope someone from CC reads these things.

  6. Actually a pretty easy level. Just plan all your moves carefully, and use the conveyor to your advantage. Finished 1rst try with 7 moves left and 3stars. Good luck!

  7. Needed hammer to drop the last fruit. Found it little tedious.

  8. after reading the comments i was able to get this first try! my strategy was to only drop the fruit in the middle, set up a lot of striped candies and had a few chocolate bombs as well! went slowly and checked before every move!! quite enjoyable! i love the conveyor belts!!

  9. This is NOT an easy level, and it is not a matter of "just" moving each item across and down. The strategy is instantly obvious; I found the execution fiendishly hard until the game took pity on me and I passed the level with something like 15 moves to spare. The good news is that if you've gotten this far you know the ropes, and the luck will eventually go your way.

  10. I really dislike these conveyor levels, in fact I cannot be bothered any more with this game.

  11. It's obvious what the strategy is, to get the fruit on the conveyor, and drop them down and off only over the central exit columns. The problem is that the moves are not always there and moves are wasted waiting for the ingredients to come around again. There are five ingredients and 40 moves, so a player has an average of eight moves to drop an ingredient. Every time I have tried this, I get the last ingredient in the right position but run out of moves. There just are not enough moves here. It's hard to set up and keep stripes and stripe-wrapped combos because waste moves can set these off. Sparklies against regular candies can help, but I can see this level becoming frustrating.

  12. The above positive comments all work. Put the fruit on the conveyor belt. Wait for a chance to drop it off on an exit (either with verticals or by dropping it down to bottom conveyor and releasing it at an exit row). Then use verticals from above to release it. It was fun but stressful. I got down to one fruit and used a hammer. Didn't want to mess with it again. lol

  13. Definitely not easy but at least there is no cake, bombs or chocolate.

    Wisely use stripes, wraps and sprinkles to strategically get fruit down in exit columns.

    Took me about 20 attempts and no boosters

  14. Level 551

    You have to clear 5 ingredients in this level. You have 3 conveyor belts and have only 3 columns where your ingredients must come down and be cleared.

    First you must make lots of stripes that would make your ingredient come down faster. Then place the ingredients in either of the 3 columns to clear.

    If your ingredients are located away from the columns to clear, you can let it ride the conveyor belt and make some stripes to bring it down. Make sure you do not let it fall the wrong columns because you would use all your moves to bring it back to the correct column to clear.

    Be patient and use the correct timing for the ingredients to clear. Good luck! Have fun crushing!

  15. Came here and completed it the very next try!!!! Thanks!

  16. I said on 550 I Love the conveyor. Have changed my mind on the 3 rolls of conveyor. Driving me up the wall.

  17. I understand the strategy but it's not dropping the ingredients. I'm only getting 3 max and then run out of moves so is there a trick to get the ingredients to drop that i'm missing?

  18. I hate being stuck! It means trying over 200 times until it lines up right! Or paying out money for extra moves or something....Using up my boosters. Getting stupid to play the same level over and over again...with same results!! How do some players have it sooo easy,,,,uh??


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