Candy Crush Saga Level 555

Tips for level 555 Candy Crush Saga
This is a fun level.. It may look na bit frightening when you first see the 9 count down  bombs, the bombs travel along the conveyors, left to right at the top, and top to bottom on the left side. 
The orders are 111 each of purple and blue candies. This is not difficult.
The priority is to destroy the bombs before they count down to zero, but at the same time you need to be looking for opportunities to make specials as you open up the playing area.
Once the board is more open making colour bombs and other specials is fairly easy as there are only five colours on the board.
Once the combos begin to self detonate the orders will be collected with no trouble and scores in the millions are possible with lucky cascades.
Video below


  1. I had so much fun on this level! I passed on the first go but wanted to play it again and again. On my 5th go I got two choc bombs side by side and finished with almost 2 million points! Loved it.

  2. This is an awful level, but I just cleared it. Thank you for posting comments! After blowing way to many lives concentrating on the bombs, I changed my strategy and followed some of the above advice.

    First, IGNORE THE BOMBS. Concentrate on clearing out the middle, the bombs will release and take care of themselves. The more of the middle you can clear out, the more combos you can make and get the cherries and nuts to fall.

    Hang in there, and good luck!!! :)

  3. First try, 8 million points :-)
    This was fun.

  4. Agree once the bombs are gone then very straightforward. Good fun.

  5. this was fun! as stated above don't worry about the bombs too much! work the center, combos easy to make! got it first try!

  6. Easy after reading the hints. Concentrate on middle of board but watch time on bombs. If you don't let bombs explode you will create combos and not have to worry about orders. They will come automatically

  7. ˇhis was the best level !!! Took 2 try's, 1st one, missed bomb, went to zero. Next time, kill all bombs, the game plays itself. Thanks CCS for this level <3

  8. c/candycrush here.
    Easy level, took me a couple of tries.

    I had to concentrate on the bombs as that is what killed me first time, but at the same time, I made a couple of combos. One colour ball with a stripe set off a chain reaction and I don't know what happened really but the game carried on on its own and gave me over a million.
    No need to concentrate on the colours needed, the game takes care of them if you stay on board long enough.

  9. Level 555

    This is my fave level in this whole episode! This may seem daunting at first with the 2 conveyor belt full of bombs but it is not. You only have 3 candy colors here so it is easy to make combos. Blast your way with color bombs and wrapped candies here.
    Have fun crushing!

  10. Most fun level EVER, Got over 5 million! Love it! This is why I play Candy Crush!

  11. I am confused, I have to get 250 blue & 250 purple not 111. That would be easy. 250 is extremely difficult. I know they have made levels easier but never heard of them making them harder?

  12. I get 250 blue &250 purple too, why others get 111? So hard to pass

  13. Mine is 250 blue &250 purple too
    double difficulty... no fair
    I give up...

  14. I got 20 mil over is that the highest score?

  15. 2nd try scored 36,175,000! Final cascade lasted over 15 minutes! What's the record?

  16. To those Who played the early 555 I would say : Play it again and let's find out if you Still Like this level. Obviously, it is not!!! 20 points.......never!!!


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