Candy Crush Saga most fun levels.

We all know that Candy Crush Saga can be quite challenging, but it can also be a lot of FUN!
Every day on our All Help group one of our expert players chooses a level for a challenge.
All members are welcome to play and we have found over time which are the most fun levels to play.
Our members find the levels with lots of cascades, either during or at the end of the game, the most fun to play.
Below is a list of some of the levels which have been the most popular as our daily challenges.
This list is by no means comprehensive and we welcome feedback from players who read this blog.
The list will be added to as time goes on and more fun levels are discovered.

Level 16.  An early level which can give quite amazing scores without even making a move!

Level 65.  This used to be one of the difficult levels until it was modified and now it is one of the fun levels.

Level 66.   This has been nominated by one of our readers.

Levels 111, 112 & 113 are all great fun to play, although 112 can be a bit more difficult than the other 2.

Level 143. Can be a bit risky getting started as you need to destroy the bomb in the middle first, but once the board is opened up it's combos galore.

Level 188. Use the combos provided to get rid of the chocolate and you're away!

Level 268.  An ingredients level which sometimes takes a bit of getting going, but once the board is open scores in the millions are achievable.

Level 281.  Open up the board on level 281 and watch the fun! You don't need to do much once it gets going, just hope for lots of colour bombs.

Level 309.  This is an ingredient level with lots of cream blockers but only 4 colours of candy so specials and combos fall from the sky! Scores in the millions are common.

Level 336.  Once again you just need to open up the board by destroying the cream and watch the cascades!

Level 363.  There are only 4 colours on level 363 so making specials and combos is easy. Great level to practise on.

Level 370. This level looks frightening when you first see it, a whole board full of bombs! But fantastic high scores are possible if you can use the bombs to make colour bombs before the cake is destroyed.

Level 666. Once you get past the bombs this is a great level to play, also good for the sugar drop challenge.

Level 906.  One of my favourite levels to collect sugar drops, you can get up to 40 which on PC is doubled to 80 and it's a fun level to play, lots of colour bombs and explosions!

Level 1000.  This level is played quite a lot for the colour challenges as you get a lot of candies falling.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of fun levels and if you think you know one, or more, let us know by leaving a comment at the botton of this post and we'll test it and add it to the list. 


Anonymous said...

555 is the funnest level of all time.

Anonymous said...

252 is the best! Once you get past the first 30 seconds, you get many +5 candies. If you keep your clock "full" you can keep playing for a long time. I got over 20 million. When I get in a level I can't do, I go back to 252 for some great action!

onlylisa said...

I'd like to nominate level 666 where you have to collect 666 blues in 66 moves.

Anonymous said...

I was going to nominate 666 as well. I enjoyed this level.

lisa Blair said...

Candy drops on 927

Anonymous said...

Level 906 is a lot of fun too

Rulingchaos said...

Level 1000 is fun.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bunnycoat here - Oh dear - i just finished 1355 …. my favourite levels were 66, 186, 281, 344 and 666.

Anonymous said...

which level has the most red candy?

Unknown said...

Lol...been looking myself...140 maybe

Anonymous said...

Same question here for the red candy challenge. My usual favorite is 252, but no reds on there.

Anonymous said...

I use level 20 but it still takes a long time to get there

Lisa Mettler said...
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Anonymous said...

Level 128 is perfect for reds

Kasum Ranasinghe said...

High marks 16 its nice

Anonymous said...

Level 666 is great for the prizes!
I just finished 1275, it's a great level for cascades at the end...finished it on the last moved, but even without completion, it's great for prizes too...

banshi bijuli said...

I just finished 1550
Great level for candy crush

Anonymous said...

1476 is the best level to get lots of points and tons of sugar drops and green candy challenge. No red though.

Anonymous said...

1476 was my favorite sugar drop level for quite a while. Lately, it seems like something has changed (maybe just my imagination). It seems like the level has somehow been made even easier, making it harder to get a high sugar drop count. At a couple points, during the game, it just seems to rain wraps. This results in winning the level much quicker before a lot of sugar drops can be collected. Anyone else noticing this?

My sugar drop harvesting list: 1476, 1168, 1137, 906, 666, and 281.

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