How do I make a Wrapped Candy in Candy Crush Saga

It's very important to learn how to make "special" Candies if you want to progress through Candy Crush Saga.

Here's how to make a wrapped candy.
To make the L shape with 5 candies.
First get your candies into the shape below, You only need one candy in the position shown, I was lucky and had a choice of 2.

How to make a wrap from a T shape.
Look carefully for the chance to get your candies into the position shown, then move the top yellow down to form the T shape.

You can also have the T laying on it's side.
Here's what the wrapped candies look like.
Below is a video showing the player making wrapped and striped candies using both the L and T shapes, watch carefully and learn how to spot the patterns you need.
The video has a commentary explaining the moves.

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Loida Rieza Ampay said...

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Lory David said...

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Anonymous said...

the L and T shape are easy once presented. how about hints/patterns to look for 2, 3 moves ahead?

Shaggy D said...
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Ann said...

I have two problems. my iphone and laptop won't sync and I can't get the color wheel to work on the iphone. Says I already did it today and I didn't. I am able to do the wheel on laptop but that does me no good since I am way way behind my iphone so I don't play on the laptop. Any answers? thanks

Anonymous said...

try uninstalling both and reinstalling and syncing both again.

wcdancer123 said...

Ann, the only way to sync is to use the Facebook server. I'd you don't have a FB account, create one, and then when CC opens let it sync to FB.

A hint: if the sever is slow at syncing, keep CC open, go back to FB, look for the 3 horizontal bars on the top of the page, far left, open, find your CC app & click on it again. Then go back to CC. It will give you a "failed" message with a "retry". Hit retry. The program will now sync in seconds.

Btw, you will also have the roulette wheel once a day to spin for a booster.

BJ Pup said...

This is the best video of a Candy Crush game. She went slowly and the commentary allowed me to see where was moving the curser. I wish she would do this for the upper levels.