Tips and Tricks for mobile users!

As more and more people are playing Candy Crush Saga on mobile devices such as ipad and  iphone  more tricks and shortcuts are being discovered!
These will be added to as they become known to us..
These tips are passed on by other players and are not tested by the publisher and therefore not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Restart without losing a life!   From Alf Rob Marshall

When you first click on play, have a good look at the board and if you don't like the look of it..No good moves for a good start....Hit the back button and it will go back, leaving the game, but not use a life!  You can do this as many times as you like until you get a board that you like!

Save Your Lives

When your friends send you lives they will go into your message box and you have to open this and accept the lives.
Since you can only have 5 lives at a time to play with you should ONLY accept 5 lives from your message box, then close it.
When you have used those 5 lives open up the message box and accept 5 more!
Don't forget to scroll down and send out requests for lives from your friends!! ONLY save your lives!

Unlimited lives!      From Alf Rob Marshall

When you run out of lives, change the clock on your device forward a few hours and then go back to the game...
Your lives should be replenished...Then reset the clock to normal and the lives will stay... 
The above is passed on by a player and the writer does not recommend anyone messes with their time as it can cause other problems.

Q. I can't see my CC friends.      
From Marie Mazzeo-Jablonski

Not sure if I solved the problem of playing on ipad in requesting lives and tickets not showing up when you want to request the lives and tickets but by listing your cc friends as "close friends" seems to bring them all up when your out of lives. I switched around my "friends" menu and now your all showing up.....whew thought I'd never get it....thanks all
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Ok what I did was I reset the progress in the bottom left hand corner this logs you out of facebook. You start from level 1 onwards again carry on till you reach about level 10 you will get some fish and lollypop hammers as a bonus thing for doing the levels. Log back into facebook it will take you back to level 65 again but now you still have the bonus things to use on level 65 try and do plenty of colour bombs keep the chocolate down as much as possible then use your fish and lollypop hammers for any jelly that are left  it worked for me anyway good luck xxx

My new friends aren't showing, I can't request tickets!

Log out of Facebook and close the Candy Crush Saga app completely. Double click the home button to close the app.
Then Open the app and log into FB  and your new friends should appear within a few minutes.

My game keeps crashing
If you have lots of lives/moves in your message box it can cause the game to crash, especially when trying to access the lives..
To prevent this happening keep your lives down to below 100 in your message box...If you have more when you log on just accept them until you are down to 100..



sarah said...

Don't click on OK and accept the lives sent by your friends until you have used all of the 5 you get with the game. You can only ever have 5 at a time so any extra that you accept just disappear and you can't get them back,once you have run out then accept your friends lives up to 5 saving any more until you are out of lives again

Anonymous said...

Yes, by resetting the clock on mobile say 3 hrs forward you can 5 more lives. Then when you reset the clock back, you have to wait for another 180 mins (3 hrs)! It happened on my Android :(. Tried forward different hours, ended up you have to wait for the same amount of time when resetting. Frustrating ... What I have to do then is to uninstall candy crush and install again to get back to the 'normal' wait time for lives. Have I done something wrong here?

yaqin said...

i reset the clock all the time. that way i can play for hours non stop. it work like this. say u stop playing at 10am n u ran out of lives. say u come back at 8pm. reset the clock 2hours later than the time u stop..(12noon) this will give 4 lives.but u MUST do this before u start playing or the timer wont work. when u run out of lives?add another 2hours to the clock n get another 4. u can also forward the time but its not fun. :p

why 2 hours not 3? we get 1 live every 30mins. 3 hours is 180mins =6lives. thats a waste plus its easier to adjust the clock 2hours than 2 n half.

Anonymous said...

I realised now what I've done wrong, I kept forwarding the time! Haven't thought about time last played and stopped. Good suggestion of 2 hrs in stead of 3. Thanks for your tips yaqin :)

Anonymous said...

I've been playing on my husbands cell and made it to level 265 came home and desktop is stuck on level 226.uggghh!! Now I have my cell phone back and guess what I'm still and level 226.Whats going on. HELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So I haven't played in a few days and have over 300 lives/moves in my message box and now the game won't load. Is there anyway to clear them. When I click on the messages it just freezes.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you use the "3 extra moves" friends give you with your cell phone?

maureen boland said...

why can I not use the extra moves I accept on my mobile???

Anonymous said...

In my Nexus 4. you have to make sure your Candy Crush is linked to Facebook. If you aren't you'll lose all progress and you sure as Shit don't want that! Once you use all your lives including ones you are sent to you by friends. Go to to settings/apps/candy crush Saga then just clear your data. You then have 5 new lives. Sign into Candy Crush and connect to Facebook. I found playing with the clock caused problems eventually. Then

Anonymous said...

Paid for the extra two hours unlimited play but nothing happened twice this was paid for. Can you tell me please what has happened to my game extension?

Suz said...

To always have 5 lives, you MUST do this IN THIS ORDER ufor it to work properly: (1) take your clock off auto & set ahead 3 hours. Now if you are playing at 11:00 at night, remember to also change to next day! (2) go back to the game (can go to any level EXCEPT a timed level, go to any other one) & hit "play" but DO NOT MAKE A MOVE. (3) put your clock back to auto mode and now you have 5 lives again. Works every time!
If you neglect any of these steps, you will mess up the lives timer then will have to divide that by 60 to figure out how many hours you have to set your clock ahead and go thru the steps again to straighten it out!

Suz said...

Regarding (2) above, after you hit play and do not make a move, then hit the "reset game back arrow" in lower left hand corner before you go back into your phone (or tablet or whatever device you are using)to reset your clock to auto time.

Lady di said...

To get more lives I reset date & time...go ahead one day then go to cc & it will say you have 5 lives...then go back to servings & reset to the correct day.