Candy Crush Saga Level 338

Video By Cookie.
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 No Boosters

Tips for level 338 by Fibro Froggy

 see if this helps. Level 338, Clear all the Jelly, you have 50 moves, bomb dispensers half way down on each side, so don't stress about them yet. Check the top play board for any combo's & try to break into the jelly ASAP, Cookie had a good top deck, so she played alot from up there, if you have a good one do the same. But most likely you will be working your way into the jelly, Striped/wrapped great for taking out huge chunks of jelly, but any combo's you can make will be great. When you get to the bombs, think you have 14 moves to kill them, try & combine them in any combo you can they are worth 3,000 pts each, for the corners, horizontal or vertical stripes should clear that. .


Anonymous said...

This level is just luck. I tried just starting out with the caged candies for a couple of the first moves & then as the area gets bigger just try making striped candy & wrapped candy mixes & when you have the Multi-colored ball candies combine those with striped candies.

Anonymous said...

♥ Pretty challenging. Easy to make color bombs and they help eliminate the timed bombs. I save it until I have a timed bomb I can't rid of. I dug down the middle first before opening the hatch for timed bombs to come out. One side at a time.

Bill. said...

Clear the middle then need horizontal candies to clear the corners.