Candy Crush Saga Level 558

Tips for level 558 Candy Crush Saga 
Jelly level with 2 conveyors, the candies move up the left conveyor and down the right one in a continuous loop. 
At the start there is licorice moving around the conveyors but once destroyed it doesn't come back.
There is also multi layer cream covering the jelly along the bottom row, separated from the rest of the board.
Combos is the way to go on this, which luckily are easy to make as only 4 colours on the board.
Stripe/wrap combos and colour bomb/stripe combos are the best to begin with, then when you get some candies into the bottom row you can use a colour bomb on it's own or just continue with the combos.
The most difficult jellies to clear are the bottom corners so try to concentrate on them if you can.
Video below


Marc Shapiro said...

Gah! Really tough!

Anonymous said...

Been about 50 tries so far, best I got was down to 3 jellies. Tough level.

Anonymous said...

Whew, got it. My opinion is that the only way to beat this level, is chocolate bomb/stripe combo's. I got it with 3 of those, plus other striped moves. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

You totally have to concentrate on making wraps and sprinkle bombs to combine with stripes in order to beat this. And you need many. Stripes alone won't do it. You can get the corners with simple triples on the conveyors.

Anonymous said...

i found this level super EASY. about 4 tries. i got so many chocolate balls created by cascades it was crazy! the best way for me to clear this board was wrapped/chocolate combos. those also score the highest.

Bill. said...

Difficult need several chocolate bombs plus striped candies.

Anonymous said...

needed many chocolate bombs with stripes, luck played a big part in this one! can not do it without combo's!

Anonymous said...

After playing on my phone and not getting close over many games I tried on my pc and it was a whole different experience. Came close twice before winning third time (with a few color bomb and striped combos). Try your pc!

Anonymous said...

This was an annoying level. I could not decide if wrapped/striped combos were better than sparkly/striped ones. Then, when I had four sparkly/striped combos and it was nowhere near enough--could not clear the blocking cream at the ends of the bottom row--I tried wrapped/striped combos, especially on the right and left columns (the conveyor belts). Even so, I needed to use four hammers to finally win this level.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that there is only so little comments here. Hmm i um steuggling with this one. Stuck for days :( try combos.. But they just keep exploding before incan use them for something good.

Gigi said...

I thought I was going to be on this level a lot longer than I was. I just passed it on my 5th try w/ 3 stars. I don't know about phone vs. PC but I passed it on my PC. I just kept making as many combos as I could. Mostly I started w/ choc.bombs and stripes. When that wasn't avilable I did wrapped/striped. The good thing about this level is it gives you a TON of opportunities to make special candies, sometimes even making them for you. Another thing I did was if I had an opportunity to match candies on the sides(conveyer belts) I did, even when I wasn't clearing jellies. That's because the more you do that, the more opportunity you have to get a combo which breaks open those bottom corners. As luck would have it I somehow got a vertical striped candy to go off in the bottom row after I'd cleared enough candies. Then I had a chocolate bomb in that row as well. I chose a color to match it w/ that was one of the jellies I had left. That cleared the board for me to make another choc bomb in the main section and I was able to match it w/ another color which matched most of the jellies I had left. Then I had one more left. I had 2 lollipop hammers but still had a few moves as well so figured I'd see what I could match, and I again matched 3 jellies on the bottom row. It didn't eliminate my last one, just changed the color of it. Again I was just thinking I'd use one of my hammers but I still had a cpl of moves & saw an opportunity to make ANOTHER choc ball. It ended up being next to a striped but since I only had the one color to eliminate, I just matched it w/ that color. Just writing all this out b.c it just goes to show you never know what's going to win the game for you, sometimes trying different things and taking chances pays off. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

wow, I thought I was going to be here much longer, previous comments are right, just concentrate on getting chocolate balls and strips and boom. gone!!

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling with this one. Played many times and once got down to one jelly but no hammers in my inventory. They have been lacking in my daily spins. What has helped the most is two wrapped candies on the bottom row that together make a big blast on the lower row of jellies, stripe/sprinkle combos, or stripe/wrap combos. Can't believe I'm still working on this one but will continue. At some point I'll get that lucky board. I got this far and I'm not giving up.

MichelleDV said...

A dreadfully frustrating level! Took me about 50 attempts.

What works well is:
- Focus on the bottom row, especially the two far jellies on each side
- Wrap wrap combo near the bottom
- Wrap stripe combo on the far left and the far right sides
- A horizontal stripe on the bottom helps (sometimes one will 'fall' there)
-keeping an eye out to match the far left and right corner jellies with two on the conveyor belt

In the end I used one free daily spin fish (I had no lollipops left) and that really helped knock out some of the bottom jellies. I also ended up with a wrap next to a horizontal stripe on the bottom row and that finally cleared that bottom row. I actually had 13 turns to go!

Watch out for the bombs resulting from the mystery candies. If you get one in the bottom row you might as well kiss that game goodbye.

LEI said...

Level 558

This is a Jelly clearing level with 2 conveyor belts moving around the board continuously. There are licorice moving around the conveyors but once destroyed it doesn't come back. Remove the licorice and jelly together.

You also have a cream block covered bottom row. You have jellies under all those blocks.

There are not much strategy in this level but one: Combos are the way to go on this, make lots of color bomb + striped combos, wrapped + striped combo, wrapped + wrapped combo to clear especially the lower board full of blocks. Combos are easy to make here because you only have 4 candy colors.

When you have special candies in the bottom row you can use a color bomb to blast it it down there.

The most difficult jellies to clear are the bottom corners so try to concentrate on them more.

Good luck use lots of color bombs and combos!